Quantum Wealth, Blog Success, Apple Update | Internet Marketing Unleashed Podcast #93

Scott shares th elatest news about the Mobile Market and it is shaping up exactly as he has predicted. Head over to www.QuantumWealthMastery.com to learn more and see Scott Live October 15th - 18th in Vancouver, BC.

Today, new comScore statistics regarding the mobile market were released, and it looks like RIM and Apple - and Microsoft and Palm, for that matter - are in trouble. Android was the only mobile operating system to increase its market share between May and August.

PayPal announced today that the latest version of its iPhone app lets you transfer checks into your PayPal balance for free, by simply taking a photo with your iPhone.

All this and more...

Internet Marketing secrets revealed in each and every episode. Listen closely as Scott Paton, the Dean of Blogonomics and Podology, shares with you the latest business-building, web traffic-exploding, power-profit news from the world of Internet Marketing.

Length: 20:32

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