Seven Figure Launches | Internet Marketing Unleashed | Podcast #76

Prior to launching The Launch Institute, Frank and Alex spent many years helping Fortune 500 companies reengineer their businesses to deal with rapidly changing market conditions. In the mid 1990s, as the Internet came on the scene, executives at traditional businesses (also known as brick and mortar companies) dismissed the Internet as a curiosity.

That is, they simply could not envision a day where day to day commerce would be done over the Internet. One very enterprising entrepreneur, Jeff Bezos, “got it” and decided to quit his high-paying hedge fund position to launch what is now known as Many much larger companies that didn't “get it” never managed to catch up and< were left behind.

As a point of reference, has over the twice the profit margins of traditional retail businesses due to the efficiency of marketing online and being able to serve a global marketplace ( also enjoys a much larger market capitalization vs. much larger retailers such as Barnes & Noble, thus creating phenomenal wealth for its investors).

Internet Marketing secrets revealed in each and every episode. Listen closely as Scott Paton, the Dean of Blogonomics and Podology, shares with you the latest business-building, web traffic-exploding, power-profit news from the world of Internet Marketing.

Length: 19:03

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