Scot Ferrell Talks About Guiding Principles for You and Your Business

Scot Ferrell, “America's Behavior Expert”, has spent 20+ years transforming behaviors and creating magical lives for his clients, readers and listeners. Whether he's on the radio, TV, speaking or writing, he guides you through the transformation of your thoughts, behaviors, feelings and actions to produce the results that you want - joyful, more fulfilling lives and relationships!

Nationally recognized Best-Selling Author, Speaker & Media Expert
Radio show host of “The Rock Star Life” & “Modern Family Rulz” Golden Quill Writing Award (the “Emmy” of book writing)
Expert resource for USA Today, Newsweek, Wall Street Journal
Behavioral consultant working with private clients in family, individual and corporate settings

His new book:“It's Not Them, It's You”

“It's Not Them, It's You” is a set of guiding principles for you and your business which will systematically increase profits, boost employee and customer/client harmony, stimulate retention
and upgrade the image of your company in the marketplace. If you “start with you,” your employees and customers will have the finest in the ultimate experience with you and your company.

In this book you will:

- Discover your purpose as an owner, CEO or manager

- Learn how to utilize your staff to quickly increase profit & productivity

- Gain secret tools to interview & hire more effectively

- Uncover hidden team building secrets

- Master the essential rules of running a profitable, productive & peaceful business

“Scot's focus is always on results, not your feelings. The results you'll achieve from following the steps in this book will be extraordinary-for your life and your business!”

- Bob Proctor, Author, Speaker and Featured Teacher in the film, The Secret

"It's Not Them It's You is chock-full of amusing anecdotes, with real life lessons filled with nuggets of wisdom to create more profit, productivity and a real team within your business."

- Jack Canfield, Speaker, Featured Teacher in the film, "The Secret" and Author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul"

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