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Scott Paton
Internet Marketing Consultant with 7 years experience working with small to medium size businesses and entrepreneurs. Looking to take your business online or start an Internet business? Email Marketing, Adsense, Adwords, PPS, SEO, Keyword research, copywriting, and backend sales are some of the topics covered in the Podcasts, past, present and future.

Scott Paton will explain them all in easy to understand terms, plus how to use them in your business to get immediate results.

SEO Copywriter - Vancouver, BC and worldwide
Extreme Copy
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Interests: hiking, tennis, travel, teaching, skiing, podcasting
Birthdate: Oct 13 1956
Hometown: Coquitlam
Location: BC V3B 1E1CA
Twitter: podcasters
Facebook: scottapaton

Posts by Scott Paton

The Alchemist of Persuasion, Adil Amarsi, With Scott Paton on Copywriting
Scott Paton
Dec 02 2020

Adil Amarsi has been writing sales copy professionally since he turned 18 in late 2007. During that time he has broken countless records and developed an infamous reputation for the effectiveness of his copy.
Having started writing copy from age 12, ...

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Case Studies in Self- Storage
Scott Paton
Dec 02 2020

Fernando Angelucci, The Storage Stud, goes thru six case studies about self storage facilities that he and his team are working on.
York, PA
Net rental revenue: $1.36MM
NOI $900,000 annually
Sales Value: $14.8MM
Gross Profit: $6.7MM
Vernon, CT

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The Beginning of Real Estate Investing with Curvy Girl
Scott Paton
Dec 02 2020

Crystal Mewhorter talks about her real estate investing beginnings.

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Edward Street #2
Scott Paton
Dec 02 2020

Crystal shares a recent deal.
Edwars Street
Suffolk Virginia
ARV $208K
Rehab $10K

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Fanny Road NC Family of 5 #3
Scott Paton
Dec 02 2020

Most people are natural home owners. We have to learn. One of Crystal's responsibilities is to teach people how to own homes and how to apply for mortgages.
Military family of 5 who love animals. Reside in a camper trailer to make ends meet.
4 bed, 2...

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Blackstone Street #4
Scott Paton
Dec 02 2020

Blackstone Street, Suffolk
335K CMA - Comparitive Market Analysis
Purchased 245k house 'subject to'
90K spread
Monthly $1185 mortgage
Rental 1875
$690 monthly cashflow positive
No rehab was needed.
4 bed, 2 1/2 bath with two master bedrooms. Th...

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Jay Conner
Scott Paton
Dec 02 2020 Learn To Podcast Course. #FREE
Co-Working at Sun Desk in Taghazout, Morocco
What's a blonde, 20-something, German female doing running a business in a village of 500 people on the Atlantic coast of Morocco? Besides making a s...

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Maple Leaf St Real Estate Deal $45K Profits
Scott Paton
Dec 02 2020

Maple Leaf St, Suffolk, VA. Overleveraged property. Two home equity loans. Bought at the high. Rented at a $500 a month loss. Getting a divorce. Huge problem for them. FSBO. Not interested in terms, they wanted to cash out. Cash out was not an option.

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South Main St Suffolk VA $130K Profit
Scott Paton
Dec 02 2020

South Main St, Suffolk, VA
Purchase: $62,500
ARV: $259,900
Repairs: $38K
Loan Payment: $833
Rent: $1550/month
Profit: $130K
Unfortunately, the tenant buyer defaulted. Crystal did some repairs.
Crystal may decide to rent the prope...

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